About PaisleyGroveGIFTS®

WHO WE ARE: PaisleyGroveGIFTS® is a Veteran-owned small business specializing in providing you with the highest quality gifts. We simplify thoughtful gifting with our unique collection of designs that can be customized to take your gifting above the ordinary level; the gifts speak to your recipient on a more personal level. There’s no reason to give a generic, mass produced gifts when you can give our personalized and customized gifts.


LEGAL:  PaisleyGroveGIFTS® is a registered U.S. Trademark. We own the copyright to our logo, product images, designs and product descriptions, therefore they cannot be used by anyone else. We will pursue legal actions, to the full extent of the U.S law, against any Intellectual Property Infringements. We will also file a DMCA takedown to anyone who uses any of our product images, designs, and descriptions. We will NOT send any warnings prior to any legal actions. All legal fees and business loss incurred in the pursuit of our legal actions will be the sole responsibility of the offender.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS / TERMS OF SERVICE: set of enforceable legal rules that you, as a buyer, and us, as a seller, agree to abide by when entering this purchase contract. (terms and conditions / terms of service link here)


RETURNS AND REFUND POLICY: set of enforceable legal rules that are set for any returns or refunds of your purchase from PaisleyGroveGIFTS.com (returns / refund policy link here)


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